Designed for the Leap Motion Controller

A million colored points shift and swirl as you interact with this experimental art app using the Leap Motion™ Controller. Use two hands to control the colorful cloud, and use one hand to move the camera. Access advanced controls to further refine the appearance of the Beautiful Chaos.

Explore the Unseen

An infinite variety of futuristic, abstract shapes are produced by the mathematical formulas underlying this exciting app that blends art and science. With the Leap Motion Controller, you will have an unprecedented sense of immersion in this simulation, and you will see new and exciting forms and movement every time you play with it.


  • Hold out two hands above the Leap Motion Controller, with your fingers spread out and your palms down, to warp spacetime and influence the beautiful chaos.
  • Hold out one hand, with fingers spread out and your palm down, to rotate the view.
  • Hold out one hand, with one finger pointed towards the screen, to activate the Leap based menu and change the colors and look of the chaos.
  • Save beautiful, high resolution screen shots of your creations.
  • Use the multi-window / multi-monitor support if you’re a VJ, performer, or other user who wants the full user interface available on one window or display and just the animated image on the other window, display, or projector.
  • Streaming video output via Syphon (OS X) and Spout (Windows)
  • Full documentation of all features.